Safer Computing for an Unsafe World

VS2 software detects & protects against unexpected faults & anomalies
… before harm occurs!
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VS2 software reduces risk of failure for mission- and life-critical applications by complementing your existing solutions

"You Can't Correct What You Don't Detect"

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About VS2

Virtual Software Systems (VS2) is a Boston based software venture. Our mission: create tools that improve the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of life- and mission-critical systems and data

VS2 founders and developers authored 26 patents and each have, on average, 30+ years of computer design experience across a broad range of technologies including: hardware, fault tolerant, massively parallel, floating point, and graphics processors; routers, and compilers.

With unique patented and patent-pending technologies and a veteran team, our goal is to help create inherently secure and safe computing environments.

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The VS2 team is available to help customers adapt these technologies to accomplish their missions.

KSC     xRA

Kaleidoscope Secure Channel (KSC) Platform

Detects and protects against attacks on communications channels, content or infrastructure…

KSC is a patent pending algorithm-based streaming security technology with potentially quantum resistant properties that provides secrecy, continuous authentication, and message integrity.

KSC can extend the life of existing ciphers, strengthen the security of existing communication channels (e.g. VPNs), and be shaped to meet specific mission requirements.

Please refer to the following additional information:

KSC Use Cases
KSC Abstract and Characteristics
► KSC White Paper (available with signed NDA)

KSC     xRA

xRA (Extended Resilience Architecture) Platform:

Detects, protects and provides continued operation through hardware faults or software anomalies…

xRA is a patented application fault detection and recovery technology based on fault tolerant computing principles. xRA protects applications by detecting and correcting deviations in execution due to hardware failures or software anomalies… before harm occurs.

xRA's application focus provides high availability, disaster recovery, and safety, even in diverse locations such as the data center, the cloud, the edge, or in any combination.

Please refer to the following additional information:

xRA Use Cases
xRA Technology Overview
xRA IoT Demonstration Video


We are seeking forward-looking organizations and investors with whom to team for the development of new solutions that advance the state of the art in the resilience of mission- and life-critical information systems and the secrecy of the vital data they manage.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact:

Tom Wetmore, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer
(781) 424-4899


John Conway, Co-Founder and CEO